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We have proudly served the Spencerville, Delphos, and Lima area since 1942.

Welcome to Roselawn Manor

We have proudly served the Spencerville, Delphos, and Lima area since 1942. Throughout this time, we have maintained, nurtured and enhanced a tradition that forms the very foundation of our approach to delivering our services to our families, friends and neighbors—a tradition of caring.

HCF Redefined

HCF “redefined” is a mind-set focused around efforts in providing the best care possible in an environment that promotes quality of life. Starting with our traditional care practices and high standards we continuously enhance our individualized care plans and implement Person Centered Care values, thus taking patient care to the next level resulting in care of excellence.

Interested In Joining The Team?

We offer a wide range of career opportunities for both professional level and staff positions. Our community is committed to a diverse workforce and offers programs to assist all our employees to reach their career potential.

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What our clients are saying about us...

I have had wonderful care here both times I have stayed with Roselawn Manor.

- William M.

I cared for my wife for 10 years at home and when the time was right, I brought her to Roselawn. It was a big adjustment, but this has been a blessing for me and my family. Now we have a chance for more togetherness. I needed care here recently too. I needed shoulder surgery and was very worried about the outcomes. I decided to come for a couple of weeks since I know it would be difficult to do things for myself after the surgery. The staff answered call lights quickly and cheerfully for any little need. The therapists didn’t push too hard, but took me right to my limits to encourage more motion. After my stay, I am still coming for outpatient therapy. My doctor is very happy with the therapy that I received and the results.

- Harold B.

Roselawn is absolutely wonderful. I love coming here and visiting with my mom. The greetings from staff and residents make me feel good all over. When I need a boost, they mend my sagging spirit. When I visit mom, I hear laughter in the halls. I see smiles on the resident’s faces. I see someone consoling someone else. I see pats on backs and shoulders. The caring spirit is in the air. I feel Roselawn is my extended family, my extended support of care for mom and for me. The “R” in Roselawn stands for responsibility. Roselawn accepts the responsibility of my mom’s care. They respond together as a team of departments caring for the residents and for one another. Roselawn responds to mom’s needs by including me in the team.

- Carol E.

Thank you to the staff for their special attention and care of my cousin. Although I did not have the pleasure of meeting any of you, my cousin complemented the staff to us. You helped her write letters to us and she always received our packages. More importantly and impressively, some of you volunteered your time and energy to assist her in attending her son’s wedding. Your kindness can not go unrecognized and I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate you making her feel special.

- Beverly M.

Thank you for all of your kindness, support, and love that you gave to our mom! You did for her what she could not do for herself. The safety, security and comfort provided by the staff for our mom made her life and ours much easier.

- Carol S.