Elderly Couple and a NurseHome Evaluations Prior To Discharge

Home assessments are scheduled prior to a patient’s return home, performed by our rehabilitation therapists in the presence of the patient and their family. Home evaluations focus on the environment and the ability of the individual to navigate in, out and through the home safely.  At completion, recommendations are made to the patient and their family on any adaptations that need to be made prior to the patient’s return home.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning begins on admission and is a critical part of the patient’s safe return home. Our case managers are there to ensure a patient’s smooth transition by assisting them in obtaining items and services prior to their return home. Some of these items and services include:

  • medication reconciliation
  • scheduling follow up appointments with primary care physician and specialists
  • review written discharge plan
  • order necessary equipment identified during home evaluations
  • review information regarding what steps to take in an emergency situation

Patient Education On Returning Home

What To Expect When Returning Home

The transfer period after hospitalization is stressful enough without having to deal with the additional situations and potential stresses that come with care complications. We can help you with reducing unnecessary burdens while designating the division of care responsibilities. In addition, we will provide you with home safety guidelines, such as:

Post Emergency Information
Keep emergency medical information visible for emergency personnel to easily see.

Make Use of Non-Skid Items
Rubber-soled shoes and rubber-backed bath mats will help prevent slipping. Likewise, non-slip mats in the shower help maintain footing.

Keep Things Handy
Canned foods and often used items should be stored within easy reach.

Clear Your Path
Remove throw rugs. Tape down electrical cords. Watch out for pets underfoot. Rearrange the furniture to clear pathways. Prevent wet and/or slippery floors, and avoid uneven surfaces.


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